Girl Details/女孩详细

Name 昵称: Xiao Qing-晓清 (3008)
Age 年龄: 24 Years Old
Height 身高: 168cm
Boobs 胸围: 34B
Languages Spoken: Chinese
Include Room & Condom 包房包套
Area 地区:
Location 地点: Geylang 芽茏
Damage 价格:  $110/60mins/Massage/CIM
Mobile 联络号码: 86956844


  • Shower Together/陪洗澡
  • Head, Neck & shoulder Massage/头,颈和肩部按摩
  • Authentic Acupressure Massage/指压按摩
  • Simple Massage/简单按摩
  • Catbath/漫游
  • Nipples & Balls Sucking/舔乳头和蛋蛋
  • Painting/舔鲍鱼
  • 69
  • BJ in shower/浴中萧
  • BBBJ/无套口交
  • CIM/口爆
  • HJ/打飞机

More Photos/更多照片

Please reject if you saw not the same person. and Pay when you meet the Real person.



  • BJ lover says:

    She has been here over 3 years. I visited for many times over the years already, and still consider her BJ to be the best.
    One of the absolute best even if her rates were higher. Heard she’s finally leaving, so better visit if you like BJ.

  • 我只给有用的FR says:


  • MUST TRY says:


  • 小流氓 says:


  • satisfiedbro says:

    still have? any bros recently tried her?

  • William Chua says:


  • la says:

    ths girl still working?

  • JimmyTan says:

    Very good. But hard to book
    You can try to ask for FJ also (depending on luck)

  • Anon says:

    She really power. Call her at 5, met 630. After shower I lie on my back she began with light massage with cat bath. Followed by AR, then bbbj. Bbbj sibei lots of pattern. You will be surprised. It’s so addictive

  • Steve says:

    Her bbbj really out of this world. Service damn good. Please takecare of her bros

  • seeme says:


  • 坏人 says:

    兄弟, if u like AR, bbbj & cim than 晓青 this gem is the one.. Her attitude & service is really no horse ran.. She dry up every single drop of my blast out.. She is definitely one of the best in town.. Pls do take gd care of her.. Rtn is for sure..

  • ii soo says:

    昨晚喝多了 约了她 皮肤白嫩 没想到她服务真的很好 👍

  • hst says:

    服务太好啦 皮肤白滑妹妹粉嫩

  • Liang says:

    Tried her for the first time today, have to admit that she is genuinely one of the gem here. Good gfe feels, good massage techniques, supreme foreplay skill & bbbj pattern many many.

    Managed to last for a good 35 – 40 min before cumming into her mouth.

    Very satisfied, will definitely RTM/F.

  • Cool-man says:

    After so long of being here, I doubt anyone can surpass her bbbj deepthroat ..
    try her to believe that all her fr are genuine.

  • A super horny says:

    Higher recommended very power bbj many patterns bro please take care gen she blow me 35min I last long and surrender

  • 小陈 says:

    Highly recommended. Beautiful assets. Nice curvy bodyline and pinky nips. On fours when experiencing the POWERFUL Tongue is a real kill.

  • Horny says:

    Is like a fantasy! You won’t get the same treatment from your gf.

  • Lonely says:


  • BillieFab says:

    Hi, here on the forum guys advised a cool Dating site, be sure to register – you will not REGRET it

  • Omagri says:

    Hi, can she speak English?

  • HornyBto says:


  • explosion says:

    Service is damn good. Assrim is a must try. Only bad thing is short time. In and out time is about 35min. If u can last long then good for you. But definitely worth the money spent.

  • Some dude says:

    Very slutty.
    BBJ kaaaannnn skilled.
    Many pattern. You will be amazed.
    CIM. Full Blast Release Inside!

  • 寂寞人 says:


  • Satisified says:

    Just had a session with her. She has the sly kitten look which is my type.
    BJ was solid and there are many patterns to make you cum. Assrim was good too
    Each position she changed while doing BJ, she will wink at you, which turns me on. Shaved bottom and pussy was wet too.
    She will lie down and you will be on top of her with your little brother in her mouth. That is something rare for majority of the ladies.

    Assrim : 9/10
    BBBJ : 10/10
    RTM : Yes

  • 寂寞人 says:


  • MrVoy6969 says:

    Booked her in advance. Date went as planned. Stepped into her room take tempreture and the next thing i know i was stripped off naked and she provide a mask since covid.
    Showered, lie down on her bed next thing i know i was getting “raped” by her with gao gao moaning after which my dick was inside her mouth all the way until i cummed and she got many pattern while playing with my dick. Touched her pussy and was wet asked her if can eat she say after covid visit again she let me eat to my heart content. Will return again after covid lift to eat her pussy and maybe have sex if possible. Overall left very happy

  • Shdn says:

    Call her at 1.30am and appointment at 2am . Hard working and best service . Very seductive. Best BJ EVER

  • Shsb says:

    Best bj ever

  • Assam says:

    Tried this babe today. First impression is Nice face & body. However She insisted that I put on a mask throughout our session due to the Covid-19 CB period now, which is quite a turn-off for me cos It means I can’t lick or smell her. Very hygiene conscious. Good thing is, she gives a good BJ and AR. She has a clean shaven pussy and very wet below, and she allow me to finger her clit while I shoot all my load into her mouth. :p If not for the mask and her temper, I might RTF for sure. Maybe after the CB period I may find her back again. Overall experience 6/10.

  • Ben says:

    After I showered, laid down on the bed the straight give me a full cat bath then after that gave me a AR. You can feel her tongue poking your ass (Damn turn on sia) .

    After that she did bbbj with a lot balls licking . Can hear her slurping. Cannot tahan until shoot inside her mouth already.

    Serious ah all the bros must try her ah really another level sia.

    Her looks are much more prettier in real life. Confirm I will return for her service again.

  • AhWolf says:

    She awesome ?

  • Bobby says:

    Damn shiok n awesome deepest bbbj.
    999999999x shiok max til high high.
    I can’t find anyone who can be deeper than her. Damn fucked awesome.

  • 小蓝天 says:

    Same look as photo. One of the best bj and ar I had. Good attitude no rush. She is a little babe that will definitely turn u on. Especially her long tongue that poke into your ass. Darm shiok. Will definitely return to let her service again. After trying her, the other bj and at just can’t turn me on and make me feel high. Aft finish, she still give a light massage. Excellent. Almost fall in love with her.

    Looks: 10/10 Super seductive
    AR: 10/10 her long tongue poking deep. shiok.
    Bj: 10/10 busy tahan. Just wan to shoot and shoot into her mouth.
    French: din try din ask.
    FJ: din try din ask. Purpose there is for bj only.
    Painting: Din ask din try but she has a nice pussy. clean shave it. Had a urge to lick though.

    She is a gem to me. I will definitely book her again.

  • 我爱深喉 says:


  • 寂寞先生 says:

    Reached her place and took the usual shower. Done liao, I laid facing up using phone and waited for her to come back.

    She came in shortly after and immediately went for my towel and cheekily laughed at me and took it in her mouth immediately. 

    After that, her mouth never stopped. 
    It felt like her mouth never left my body….. Except for changing of positions. 

    Bros here who tried know her many patterns and she seriously damn 9696..

    Long story short – Just go la. Won’t disappoint. 

    Looks: 8/10 – Not entirely my type but personality makes up a lot for it.
    Bbbj: 9/10 – A lot of slurping, a lot of swirling, a lot of everything.
    AR: 9.5/10 – She has no fear, tongue poke deep deep, moan and lick.
    FJ: Did not bother, mouth alrdy too good. 
    Massage: 6/10 – Nothing much. Not here for a great massage anyway. 
    Catbath: 8/10 – Lick everywhere and will help clean up after. 
    Attitude: 10/10 – GFE 99… No commercial feel. I believe if u RTM, more chemistry more shiok

  • Penguin says:

    My first visit to this mp. Long overdue visit/booking (after seeing 小新 recco). Overall, pleasant feel, place easy to find and parking is convenient. 

    Took a shower and waited for her to come in. She offered to get me a cup of water which I finish pretty quickly and she immediately went to get me a refill. 

    She looks 70% like photo although I feel the slutty index is a lot higher than the picture. Haha. She started making small talks & she is friendly which helps to set the mood. 

    Had about 5mins of simple massage but the strength was decent & at the right points. Thereafter, she said “那我现在要开始服务了喔”。

    She started with Catbath with mouthwash from top (neck & ears included) to bottom (butt, right down to near the ankle area), she has this repetitive ‘suck release slide’ movement for which the suction was about right and the sliding movement creates a nice tickling sensation. But not too much arousement until she stroke her fingers against your balls and up the arse. When repeated several times, it started to get me hard. 

    Next to Part 2 – she asked me to 把屁股翘起来 (i am now on my fours). With my butts up and spreaders, she clean my arsehole before she started to stick her tongue into my arsehole and you could feel the “poking and twirling” sensation. She also licked the groin area to the balls and dick. She alternates this with back & forth / 360 stroking of my dick which felt good. Thereafter she lied down & position with her head facing my dick and continued to suck & this time I got to experience her legendary 360 DT, the suck, lock & tongue twisting motion is sthg I never experience before. Only One word to describe. Heavenly! 

    Part 3 – Afterwhich she got me to lie down and continued her DT BBBJ with moaning and slurping sound effects. All this while, I was fondling with her slight pinkish nipples non stop too (美中不足之处是奶小了点 – but it is ok la). I was also eyeing her pussy all this while and I finally requested her to do a 69 which she gladly obliged. At this point, I tried to pleasure her with my own licking repertoire, she had light moans but as I lick faster and harder, she also went more fast & with her BBBJ and she didn’t give me chance to tahan any longer either. She grabbed my dick and added stroking motion in addition to the sucking and at this point I surrendered…. Arrrghhh arrghh!!! 
    As I didn’t offload for few days, I could sense it was a mouthload of cum which she took it all into her mouth before spitting it out. She immediately rinsed her mouth a few times before she got some water bck into her mouth and came back for a minute of “wind down twirl” around my dickhead. 

    She went to wash up and so did I before she came back & we chit chat a bit. She was being naughty & commented a bit abt “弄得人家痒又不让我爽”。hahahah. I thought she is only CIM but she said she do FJ selectively. Next visit, I will go the full distance. Haha. 

    Looks : 7.5  (+0.5 for sluttiness) 
    Boobs : 7.0 (I am a big nehneh lover)
    Body : 8.0
    Bbbj : 8.5 (DT squeezing and wet slurping)
    AR: 8/10 tongue poking and very sensual
    FJ: did not try
    Massage: 7.0
    Service, Attitude: 9.0
    Rtm/f – yeah… 

  • Bobby M says:


  • William says:

    Late report since yesterday. Too tired totally forgot heheh.
    Yesterday evening itchy had spare time before meeting friends msg a few people all no reply. Pluck a bit of courage msg qq on short notice and she said available. Take grab chiong down 10 min reach heh. Entered to find qq and she was shocked for a while cause she picked up another customer and thought it was me. First impression wah quite nice hor. 
    Go in take shower lie down on bed wait for her. She come in and start immediately hehe. 
    Massage nothing to talk about everyone knows what we’re here for hehe. About 10 minutes in with her she’s still on top of me, can hear her stripping. then suddenly the full course action begins alr.
    Catbath: her mouth vacuum stronger than my 20 dollar hand vacuum. Full body cat bath btw it felt so good. And she takes her time, like really really takes her own sweet time to slowly lick fully till you 爽歪歪。ask me to stick my butt up and I know whats coming alr. Heavenly hdly and ar. 
    The tongue ah. No horse run, she rape and poke my ass sia I completely surrender in ecstasy. Of course haven’t shoot yet la, need to hold it in wait for the main course mah hor.  After what seemed like eternity she ask me to kneel down and she came from under to play with the main attraction. No delay just full dt. Now I fully understand the feeling. Is cannot explain one. No matter how big or thick she can take no problem one. I consider myself above average and even so she has no problems. Can feel the back of her throat like no issue one and she just can’t stop. I had to stop her so I could flip over.
    Flip over see her in her full glory. A cups with lovely nipples and lovely body. I tell you her hands are just the best alr, I started bonking at the age of 18 and a girl of her caliber with her hands and mouth is probably the one of the first few I have ever had that was  so good to remember. Probably the only downside for me was that her bottom wasnt shaved so it was like some jungle. But her pussy was oh so sweet to lick and devour. You could tell she liked it too while it was going in 69. The deeper you lick the deeper she went with your rod.  It was bliss.

    I’ll admit. As someone who spends quite a lot of time having sex on a weekly basis. All the girls that I have sex with if I don’t cum while having sex. Even the girl’s blowing skills also not so refined to qq’s level. She is a relentless amazon warrior. Oh so fierce with a touch of grace beneath. Came into her mouth spurt after spurt and she took it all. After washing her mouth she still came to suck once again till I got hard again sia. Such a tease.. her next customer coming alr but she still make me rock hard but cannot cum 🙁 originally booked 90 mins but she say today 1 hour enough alr. Can save money. Want to tip her she also dw, she push the money back into my hands say come again next time. Wew. 

  • Albert says:

    Marvellous bbbj and excellent deepthroat!

  • Ah King says:

    和照片相似度一样。皮肤很白。脸型美。大大的眼睛, 性感的嘴唇。很好看,很美。又长又直的头发。可爱型。 看的下面一定站起来。
    很好。苗条性感身材。滑白皮肤, 。长腿。身高也不错,差不多有1.60m。奶差不多中B吧。摸起来感觉真好。 下面 毛很多。
    One small tattoo and no other scar or mark on her body.

    按摩: 7/10
    技术不不错。力度足够。She know where to ease your pain but will run her naughty finger around your sensitivity part to aurose you.

    After that,ask me to turn around and jerk my butts up. She give me a very neat and clean ass rim. Great work on her tongue, she know how to play with it. She gave it so deep and lick it crazily deep that I feel so high and shiok. 她的毒龙是一级棒。(AR lover is a must try)

    她的吹箫功力也是一级棒。The bbbj was slow and steady with lot of balls licking. She gave a good lick at every inch of my shaft and a good suck at my balls. I hold on to her head and give very fast and deep thrust to深喉她。I mouth fuck her gao gao.Give her a very fast and aggressive super deep thrust and when I feel that I am choking her. 我马上把所有的精子射入她的嘴里。It was in a mess and she clear up after that.

    态度: 10/10
    她的服务态度好。很有女人味。专业。She friendly, hardworking, easy going  and chatty type, slowly let you enjoy and not the rushing type. 给我感觉到很多女友感。